Call For Help: Avoid Locking A Child Inside The Car

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Call For Help: Avoid Locking A Child Inside The Car

20 February 2019
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Get the help you need when you lock your car without meaning to. There are times when you might be distracted, shutting your car door with the keys still inside. This can be a big nuisance, or it can be an emergency when the weather is too hot or cold and your child is still in the car. While there are many reasons why you might accidentally lock a child in the car, you can follow some basic safety tips to prevent this from happening. Protect your children by staying focused and take action right away by calling an automotive locksmith service for help.

Don't Get Distracted

If you have a habit of checking your phone or making calls when you are driving, stop this behavior. In some areas it is illegal and it is a behavior that leads to distraction. As you get ready to leave the car, put your phone away. When you are on the phone, you are more likely to shut your door with a child inside because you aren't paying close attention.

Place Your Belongings With Your Child

When you carry a purse or briefcase, put it in the car next to your child. You will have to look into the back to get your bag and will automatically take out your child at the same time. While it may seem impossible that you are going to forget a child in the backseat, it happens frequently when you are on autopilot. Break up your routine so that you are more focused on what you are doing while you bring your child to daycare.

Put Your Diaper Bag In Front

A sleeping child is quiet. When you are running your child to a caregiver before work, keep the diaper bag in the front seat. You will see the diaper bag and automatically reach for your child in the back. If someone else is bringing your child to the caregiver, ask that the caregiver call you when your child arrives. When there isn't a diaper bag, put the child's favorite toy next to you to keep yourself focused on the child.

If you see a child locked in a car that isn't yours, it's time to call for emergency services. You won't know how long the child has been sitting in the car, and professionals should come and manage the situation. If you lock your own child in the car, call for an automotive locksmith service and let them know a child is inside.