Four Times You Need New Locks

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Four Times You Need New Locks

25 January 2019
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Replacing or rekeying your locks is a relatively affordable and quick process, but both methods of updating your locks can provide significant benefits to your property. A new set of locks can greatly increase the security of your home and keep potential intruders out, giving you greater control over who has access to your property. Understanding four of the most common reasons why you should get in touch with a locksmith to either rekey or entirely replace your existing locks can help you determine when doing so is in your best interests.


The most obvious reason that you should get in touch with a locksmith to change your locks is if you have already experienced a break-in or burglary. Upgrading the locks can help prevent future intruders from gaining access to your home and can give you increased peace of mind knowing that you have a stronger lock on the door. 

New Technology

Another common reason to install a new lock on your door is that you want to upgrade from an older model to a newer one. Old locks, like deadbolts and common doorknob spring locks, can be less convenient than newer models. Making use of a lock that uses a keypad, a fingerprint scanner, or some other form of keyless entry can be much faster and sometimes even more secure, since they are harder to force and immune to lockpicking.

Moving In

One of the first things that you should do as soon as you move into your new home is get in touch with a locksmith about replacing the existing locks. This is because you have no idea how many copies of your new key are floating around out there or who the previous homeowners may have given access to. By replacing the locks immediately, you ensure that you are the only one who has access to your new home and won't have to worry about surprise visitors or intruders at any point in the future.

New Rental Tenants

In a somewhat related vein to the above point, if you rent out a property or have a unit in the basement of your home that is a rental property, you may want to consider rekeying or replacing your locks once new tenants move in for the same reason—this can help make sure that old tenants don't come back for a surprise visit.

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