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For quite some time, I was struggling with home security. I was really nervous about robberies, especially since there were quite a few burglaries in the area. I wanted to make some changes that day that would help, so I turned to a lock, keys, and safes company. I chatted with them about how to make my home even more safe, and they had great tips for making things better. Within a few weeks, our entire place was rock solid from a security standpoint, and I was so pleased to sleep well at night without any problems. Read more on this blog about locks, keys, safes, and home security.


3 Ways To Use Exit Devices To Make Your Business Fire Safe

12 February 2019
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Fire safety is a big concern for good reason. In the event of a fire, smoke can quickly fill a room, making it hard to see and leading to panic, injury, and even death. Making your building fire safe is legally necessary, but it's also important for safety reasons. Here are three ways you can use exit devices to make your business more fire safe: 1. Install a rim device.  Read More …

Why You Really Can’t Get A Safer Lock System Than Card Keys

11 February 2019
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If you own and operate a hotel and you do not have a card key system for the doors of the guest rooms, you should seriously be considering making this security upgrade. Sure, there are a few key and lock systems that are more sophisticated, but for a hotel or resort, they just are not feasible. Here is why you cannot get a safer lock and key system than card key systems for your resort/hotel. Read More …

A Few Of The Most Common Reasons Why Commercial Doors Have To Be Repaired Or Replaced

6 February 2019
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Commercial door repairs and replacements are very common, and business owners have to call the companies that perform these jobs on a regular basis. Business owners and managers call these companies for all different reasons, but a few of the most common reasons why commercial doors have to be repaired or replaced have to be listed here. General Use/Wear and Tear Sometimes, things just break down. This often happens after they have been in use for a long time, especially if they are used in a heavy-duty commercial environment. Read More …

Moving Into A Foreclosed Home? Hire A Locksmith To Boost Security

1 February 2019
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When you move into a turnkey home, you may not be worried about security because the house will already have all the locks and security measures that you need. But, this may not be how you feel when you are getting ready to move into a home that was foreclosed on. To give yourself peace of mind about moving in, you should hire a locksmith to help with boosting security. Read More …

Proper Maintenance For Your Commercial Lock

1 February 2019
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The lock on the door of your commercial property acts as the first line of defense against unlawful entry. A locked door can be enough to deter would-be criminals and keep your employees safe. Locks are mechanisms made of many moving parts. If any of these parts fail, the lock could become compromised. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure your commercial lock will be able to provide your business with the security it needs over time. Read More …