3 Reasons To Replace Your Deadbolt Lock

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3 Reasons To Replace Your Deadbolt Lock

19 February 2019
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Replacing a deadbolt lock can make the most sense in many circumstances. You may have a perfectly serviceable, heavy-duty deadbolt lock that doesn't need replacing. However, there are some key reasons when replacing your deadbolt lock is a no-brainer. Here are three of those reasons.

1. Replace Your Worn, Broken, or Malfunctioning Deadbolt

Generally, you should replace a deadbolt when it's broken or not working as it should. When making a replacement, you should bring your previous lock to a professional locksmith.

The locksmith may have an idea about what caused the deadbolt to break or malfunction in the first place. That knowledge can help you choose a better lock to replace it with.

For example, if the locksmith says the lock broke prematurely from rapid wear and tear, you'll know to avoid that particular type or brand in the future. You may find out the lock wasn't meant for the type of door you use. Now you know to look for something different and not just a direct replacement.

2. Replace Your Deadbolt as a Security Upgrade

Even if your current deadbolt isn't worn or broken, you may want to replace it as a security upgrade. Deadbolts aren't all the same, and some don't offer as much security as many people would like.

Replacing a cheap or inadequate deadbolt with a high-quality one is always a good idea. A better-quality deadbolt can withstand more force and has greater lock picking resistance.

Replacing a deadbolt as a security upgrade also goes well with other security upgrades you might make. For example, installing a steel-reinforced door and stronger strike plate doesn't help much if the deadbolt is weak and inefficient.

3. Replace Your Less-Than-Appealing Deadbolt for a Better-Looking One

Aesthetics and security aren't mutually exclusive. If your deadbolt doesn't look right or doesn't fit with the overall décor, then swap it with confidence.

You can find any number of aesthetically pleasing deadbolts out there that are still of high quality and strength. Just don't make the mistake of choosing a lower quality or inappropriate deadbolt for the sake of looks.

No matter what, you should speak to your local locksmith when replacing your deadbolt for any of these reasons. A superior deadbolt needs proper installation. If you install the deadbolt improperly, you can weaken its integrity and defeat the purpose of replacing the previous one altogether.

A locksmith can also help you figure out which brands or types of deadbolts will work best for you in any of these situations. Contact a local locksmith first.