Why You Really Can't Get A Safer Lock System Than Card Keys

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Why You Really Can't Get A Safer Lock System Than Card Keys

11 February 2019
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If you own and operate a hotel and you do not have a card key system for the doors of the guest rooms, you should seriously be considering making this security upgrade. Sure, there are a few key and lock systems that are more sophisticated, but for a hotel or resort, they just are not feasible. Here is why you cannot get a safer lock and key system than card key systems for your resort/hotel.

Other High Tech Security Locks Are Too High Tech

Taking a look at other door lock and key systems, they are too high tech for what you need for your hotel/resort. For example, a door lock that requires a fingerprint means that every time you check a guest in, you have to reset the lock and the guest has to remember to use the exact same finger he/she used to set the lock/unlock mechanism on the door. No one else can lock or unlock that door, which means other family members cannot come or go without the person that has the "magic finger." A retinal scan lock is definitely not feasible, since resetting such a lock to accept every new retina match is extremely time-consuming and complicated. 

Card Keys Are Easily Duplicated If Lost

When a guest stays for a week but loses his/her card key, you can duplicate a card key at the guest services desk with a swipe of a new card containing a magnetic strip. It only takes seconds to complete a duplication, and that is far less time than it takes to run up to a guest's room and unlock the door for him/her. Furthermore, the keys are specially coded with a new code every time a different guest stays in the same room, making it impossible for a past guest to enter that room again with the keys they had. 

You Can Customize Security Features on the Keys

The latest technology allows you to customize certain features on the keys to make several things more convenient for guests. For example, the cards can double as room charge cards, allowing guests to leave their wallets and payment cards in their rooms and use their room key cards to make purchases against their room bills. They can pay for a meal at the restaurants at the resorts and buy gift shop items using their room keys. It's an added layer of safety for both you and your guests.