Keeping Burglars At Bay: A Guide For Homeowners

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Keeping Burglars At Bay: A Guide For Homeowners

22 January 2019
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Every homeowner wants to be safe from burglars and thieves. Unfortunately, no matter what type of neighborhood you live in, there is no guarantee that intruders will not target your house. However, you can do a number of things to reduce your chances of becoming the victim of burglars. Here is a brief guide to keeping your home safe and secure.


Burglars usually target houses that are not well secured. They want to get into a house as quickly as possible, to avoid being spotted by neighbors. To prevent your house from becoming a target, make it as secure as possible. Install a steel security door with a deadbolt lock. Secure the garage with a strong lock, as well, and check to make certain all the windows of your house are locked before you leave.  

Another good idea is to put up a "Beware of Dog" sign, regardless of whether or not you have a dog. Also, remove any tall shrubs next to your house, to avoid giving an intruder a place to hide.


Patios are an especially vulnerable area of any house. Criminals often gain entry through patio doors because these doors typically have simple latches for security. An experienced burglar is able to easily bypass a latch in most cases. To secure the door, install a lock made especially for sliding glass doors. In addition to installing a strong lock, consider placing a burglar bar in the sliding door's track, as well.

Smart Locks

Give your house even more security by having a security service or locksmith install "smart locks" on your doors. With these locks, there are no keys for a burglar to find or copy. You can simply open the door with your mobile phone, keypad, or even a finger. Smart locks are somewhat more costly than traditional locks, but the extra security makes them well worth the investment.


The most effective way to secure your home is to hire a security service to monitor the house. The service will inspect your home and make recommendations about how to improve your security. It will also set up an alarm system so in case any lock is bypassed or any door or window is broken, an alarm will sound alerting personnel at the security service's office. Once alerted, the personnel will call law enforcement and inform them that your house is being invaded.

For more tips and information about how to keep your home safe from burglars, contact a security service in your city.