Choose New Door Locks That Increase Home Security When You're Worried About Your Safety

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Choose New Door Locks That Increase Home Security When You're Worried About Your Safety

16 January 2019
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If you're concerned about your safety after a bad breakup or after you've lost your house key, the safest thing to do is have new locks installed on your doors. While you can buy inexpensive locks at a home improvement store and install them yourself, those locks may not have the best security features. When you're worried about safety, you want locks installed by a locksmith that can't be picked, bumped, or kicked out easily. Here are some locks that might make you feel more secure.

Locks With Long Strike Plate Screws

The screws in the strike plate are instrumental when it comes to holding the door in place when someone kicks against the lock. You can have the best lock, but it won't always help if the screws in the strike plate are weak. Some of the most secure locks come with long screws that make it difficult to kick out the lock. However, if the lock you choose has short screws, talk to the locksmith about using longer screws instead so you'll have added protection.

Locks That Are Bump-Proof

Some locks can be opened quickly with a bump key. This makes it easy for an intruder to break into your home while looking like they are using a regular key. Be sure the new lock you choose has been tested against bumping, drilling, and picking. A random intruder is likely to give up on your home if access can't be gained quickly and without drawing attention. If it takes several minutes to pick a lock, then the intruder may move on. While it may not be possible to find an affordable lock that offers complete protection against picking, you can at least buy one that makes the process long and difficult so the intruder is more likely to draw attention while attempting a break in.

Electronic Locks You Can Program

An electronic lock eliminates the worry you have about copies of your keys that may be out there with old friends, enemies, or contractors. You can give out a temporary code and then delete it so you never have to give anyone a key to your house again. This puts you in complete control of the security of your locks since you can change the codes as often as you need to when you want to make sure no one but you can get inside.

When you have a concern about crime in the area or problems with enemies or old roommates, then talk to a locksmith company, such as First Quality Lock & Key, about your options in new door locks. By understanding the features of different locks, you will feel more secure with your choice and you'll select the right lock for your budget that will keep you safer in your home.