Commercial Locks On Residential Doors: Reasons Why You Might Do This

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Commercial Locks On Residential Doors: Reasons Why You Might Do This

9 January 2019
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A commercial locksmith typically only installs commercial locks on business doors. However, there is a growing trend to place commercial locks on residential doors. Some commercial locksmiths are willing to do this, but others are not. If you are curious as to why you might want a commercial lock on your front and/or back doors of your home, here are the usual reasons why other homeowners are participating in this trend.


It is much more difficult to break into a home that has a commercial lock than a residential lock. Commercial locks involve more complicated tumbler mechanisms, codes for keyless entry, and backup lockout features for anyone that enters the wrong door codes or attempts to crowbar their way into a home or business. Additionally, security companies installing security alarm systems will frequently use a commercial lock on your doors because the commercial lock connects easier to the alarm systems.

Kids with Autism and Wandering Geriatrics

Kids with autism frequently wander. They will leave their homes without saying a word to family members and leave the entire city or town in a panic when parents report the child missing. Elderly parents with dementia also prove to be wandering risks, which is an equally scary and terrifying situation for most people. Hence, homeowners who have a wandering child with autism or a wandering elderly parent with dementia will choose to install the commercial locks to prevent children and geriatrics from leaving the house without assistance from another adult.

Home Businesses Attached to Houses or Apartments

Doctors treat human or animal patients from an attached home office. Numerous "mom and pop" stores have access entries from the attached apartments or homes. If a thief wants to get to the register, the computer files, or the documents in a drawer in a business, breaking in through the home/apartment door to gain access that way is very possible. Those who have a door that opens from house or apartment to the business next door, in front of, or downstairs from the home or apartment install commercial locks on the doors of the home/apartment to prevent intruders and thieves from gaining access to the business via the home/apartment.

If You Need Commercial Locks on Residential Doors...

If you need commercial locks on residential doors, be sure to contact locksmiths in your area. You may have to contact more than one locksmith, as not all locksmiths are willing to provide this service. Despite the fact that the commercial lock is going to be installed on a residential door, expect to be charged the price most businesses are charged for the installation of their door locks.

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